Monday, February 4, 2008


Michael joined us around 2 pm and we headed out for an afternoon sail.

A moderate westerly was blowing as we left port, hoping for a freshening
breeze to blow us to the gate and back.

As we headed out into the central bay, we noticed a Matson freighter that we have seen before, heading for Hawaii with its load of cargo....

... including an assortment of different vehicles in her covered stern section.

The flags on the end of pier 39 were fluttering in a breeze of only a few knots as we sailed past to the west, assisted by a waning ebb current.

The city was pretty gray because of the overcast skies.

A large trimaran, named DEFIANCE, was sailing along the cityfront and then headed across the bay to the northwest, passing behind us.

A large dark-hulled sailboat was sailing along the shore, somewhere, but for some reason, i don't recall or recognize which shore it was-- can't recall a shore that has steps going down like the ones depicted here.

This Ericson out of Richardson Bay was sailing toward us under jib-only
as well.

We sailed westward on the southwest breeze until we arrived in soft air, and then tacked toward the gate, passing Horseshoe Cove with the greening Marin Headlands behind. If we continue to have the same rain pattern for the next month, the headlands will turn a lush green color.

As we continued toward the gate, the trimaran DEFIANCE was heading back toward the cityfront with the city, now in sunshine, behind her.

The gate was enjoying brilliant sunshine as we approached.

We sailed out the gate and enjoyed views of the greening headlands from that vantage point.

With our late start, we dared not continue out the gate too far, and soon came about and headed back inside, enjoying views of the city in sunshine through the bridge.

As we headed for home port, a military jet flew quite low overhead, headed east. [Michael said it was a Navy jet and must have been attached to a carrier group not too far offshore.]

As we sailed eastward toward home port, this nice sailboat was headed for the gate and passed to starboard.

A bit later, she was approaching the bridge with overcast skies covering the bay again.

As we sailed past the Ft. Mason piers, we noticed the Farr 40, ASTRA,
motoring west, heading for the Golden Gate Yacht Club docks to be ready for the mid-winter race the next day. This is the boat that my friend and boat neighbor Olivier crews on.

As we sailed between piers 45 and 39, the sun was shining again and the city looked brilliant in the late sunshine.

Eventually, a brilliant sun reflection glared off the west side of the Bank of America tower on California Street.

As we approached home port, this lovely sailboat, perhaps a traditional woodie, was motoring west and passed to port.

We doused sail after pasing the marina and motored into port, happy to have spent a few lovely but chilly hours on our beautiful bay!

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