Saturday, October 25, 2008


I finally finished installing a new shift/throttle system in the cockpit with two new cables for the transmission and the throttle linkage. The installation took three or four times longer than I anticipated.

After cleaning tools out of the cockpit, we headed out for a brief late afternoon sail around 5 pm, putting out jib only after motoring past the Maltese Falcon tied up at pier 35. She has been tied up there for over a week now,and probably will stay until she leaves for other parts on the 28th or so.

As we entered the cental bay, the Rocket Boat blasted past in front of us, heading toward the west marina entrance.

Behind us, this sailboat under main only was heading east, perhaps to head into the marina, but I didn't recognize the boat.

We also spotted CHEWINK saiing out of port, just passing the Falson on her way to the central bay.

This smaller sailboat was passing the end of pier 39 where the flags were blowing in a breeze of about 5-7 knots.

Suddenly, the Rocket Boat blasted past in front of us again, apparently making a loop before heading into the marina-- note that there are few people on board-- probably not enough to pay for the fuel this silly boat burns.

Way over in the east, this nice sailboat was heading north along the shore of Treasure Island.

This nice Beneteau was heading east and passed us to port.

We approached Alcatraz and then tacked to the south, heading for the cityfront, and watching as ADVENTURE CAT 2 headed out for her sunset sail.

CHEWINK was looking good as she headed northwest toward Angel Island in the declining sunlight.

The city was enjoying quite clear air and skies and late afternoon sunshine.

This sailboat was heading west under full canvas and looking good. She looked like the same sailboat that was motoring toward the entrance of the marina as we were heading out. Perhaps they were checking out the Falcon before heading out under sail again.

We sailed past the marina, doused the jib and then motored into port, happy to be out in the water for a short time.

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