Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Michael joined us for the first time in a couple of months and brought his friend Maria, who works for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. We left port about 2 pm for our afternoon outing. Earlier in the day, a nice northerly breeze was blowing, somewhat like the breeze of the day before. When we left port, the breeze had died out and we were hoping that a breeze would return. We put out full canvas and headed out into the central bay, motoring to the east while waiting for a breeze to come up.

Behind us, the SEAWARD schooner was motorsailing to the north across the waxing ebb current.

A light breeze came up and we turned off the engine and began to gybe back and forth toward the east while this race boat was sailing with the current passed behind us.

A small trimaran motorsailed past us, heading east.

The airship from Airship Ventures passed by. She is a Zeppelin and operates out of Moffat Field and Oakland Airport on expensive 1 hour trips.

A raceboat with doused sails motored past as we tried to stem the tide but were pushed westward.

A bit of freshening breeze enabled us to sail toward the northwest for a while as this lovely sailboat crossed in front of us. Her main sail has a foot that covers only about 2/3 of the length of her boom.

The two crew on the boat were enjoying the warm sunshine as they sailed across the current....

...and then tacked to sail northward with the current.

That airship flew directly over us....

... and here is the company's phone number if you are tempted to call and reserve a ride.

Way behind us in the north, a sailboat flying spinnaker was headed toward Berkeley.

A catamaran with odd looking sails was trying to sail against the current to the east.

After sailing in the light breeze for a half hour or so, the breeze died away again and soon we were back in front of the east marina again. So we gave up on any more breeze and turned on the engine to motor into port, dousing sails and readying for landing.

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