Friday, June 20, 2008


Chris, a community college professor from a town in the Sierras, joined us for our afternoon sail. He became a sailing addict after sailing with us last year, and took some sailing courses in Santa Cruz and also in England and Croatia last summer. We left port around 12:45 pm in brilliant sunshine, warm temperatures and moderate winds, raised single-reefed main in anticipation of stronger winds, but put out full jib as we headed out into the central bay.

As we headed out toward Alcatraz on a westerly breeze, PRIVATEER was heading home with a few passsengers aboard.

A small sailboat named FRIAR TUCK passed to starrboard.

We sailed out a ways and then tacked back toward the lee of pier 45, passing the end of pier 39 where flags were fluttering in a breeze of 5-7 knots.

We were sailing through a fuel slick along the cityfront, wondering where it came from and whether the coast guard was aware of it, but assumed that they were since there was a patrol boat standing nearby and a CG fast boat was blasting around.

And then we saw the source of the fuel spill: a sunken fishing boat just outside the entrance to the Fisherman's Wharf marina-- the bow kept above water by some air bags. But there was no sign that the coast guard was making any attempt to limit the area of the spill with containment booms.

This fast boat was blasting across the bay, but we couldn't see any indentification on her.

We continued beating westward for a few tacks and then continued across the bay toward Sausalito as this yellow-hulled sailboat-- perhaps a woodie-- was crossing the bay in the other direction.

ADVENTURE CAT 2 was heading back to home port with a nice load of passengers.

As we sailed along, the wind started freshening and we were a bit overpowered with full jib, so we fell off toward Sausalito and were blasting across the bay. The ocean winds were also much cooler and we were forced to don jackets.

This nice Cal sailboat was also heading west and looking good.

As we sailed along, the wind started freshening and we were a bit overpowered with full jib, so we fell off toward Sausalito and were blasting across the bay. The ocean winds were also much cooler and we were forced to don jackets.

Some Lasers like this one were sailing along the cityfront where winds were lighter and the winds warmer.

We arrived in lighter winds in the lee of the Marin Headlands, and much warmer wind, reefed the jib and then headed back across the bay, encountering strong winds in the north half of the bay, but softer winds in the south half of the bay.

We tacked toward the gate and watched as this nice sailboat passed to port, looking good...

....the crew enjoying the brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures.

With the lighter winds, we pulled the jib out to full for more power and sailed toward the gate with the skies clearing and the south tower of the gate looking vividly beautiful in the afternoon sunshine.

Chris was at the helm as we sailed out the gate near midspan and winds outside the gate were very light.

We just sailed out a short distance and then came about and headed back inside the gate, watching as a group of J24s like this one were beating toward the gate.

We sailed toward home port on the moderate southwest breeze and this sailboat passed, heading for the gate and looking good except for fenders hanging off the rail.

This lovely sailboat was headed for the gate and passed to starboard.

This nice sailboat was beating westward closer to shore.

The city was enjoying the brilliant mid-afternoon sunshine as we passed Aquatic Park.

We gybed to head toward Angel Island, planning to sail around Alcatraz, and this small Ericson sailboat crossed in front of us.

The winds in the north of the bay were much stronger and this large sailboat was well-heeled over as she blasted across the bay.

After passing Alcatraz, we spotted ADVENTURE CAT headed our way with a good number of passengers enjoying the nice sunshine.

She passed astern of us, heading for the gate.

We sailed about half way to Angel Island and then came about and headed for home port, passing this large sailboat sailing northward on main only.

This nice sailboat passing to port was luffing up her main as she passed into the stronger winds north of Alcatraz.

We fell off and reefed the main so that we could sail closer to the wind as we sailed the west of the way to home port and then headed up and hardened in the sails to continue toward home port.v

Off to starboard, this sailboat was blasting northward under spinnaker.

Winds south of Alcatraz were lighter and we didn't need the reef, so we pulled the jib out to full again and finished our trip to home port, dousing sails just in front of pier 35 and then dousing the main, preparing for landing and then motoring into the marina where temperatures were very warm for San Francisco. The winds of the afternoon were unusually moderate compared to what we have been experiencing lately and it was a welcome relief to have warmer air and lighter winds.

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