Friday, June 6, 2008


Steve, the Aussie, joined us about 1 pm for our afternoon outing and we headed out about 1:15 pm.

Winds were moderate, in the 10-15 knot range as we left port, but we raised single-reefed main and put out reefed jib in anticipation of much stronger winds coming up as they typically do in our current climate regime.

We headed west on the southwest breeze, sailing against a strong flood current, and ahead of us, the ALMA was crossing the bay, sailing more off the wind than we were.

As we sailed past the southern shore of Alcatraz, we watched as a dark-hulled sailboat approached from the northwest, wondering if she would make it past the buoy guarding the rocks on the west side of the island. She was luffing up to sail as high as possible and, finally, did manage to do so and then was sailing past the southern shore, looking good!

We eventually sailed past ALMA as we headed toward the shore of the Marin Headlands at Yellow Bluff.

Ahead of us, a trimaran was blasting across the bay inside the gate.

Steve was at the helm as we sailed westward in freshening winds, leaving ALMA way off to starboard.

Ahead of us, the Catalina named ARABELLA was sailing down the shore of the headlands.

We were gradually catching up with the folkboat that was heading for Sausalito while another sailboat was heading south toward us.

A sailboat flying full canvas approached from our port side as we entered an area of lesser breeze....

... and the crew was enjoying the sunny weather as they headed north.

We began beating toward the gate, tacking when we got into light winds, and eventually tacking into Horseshoe Cove, then beginning to do some quick tacks against the current to shoot the gate finally between midspan and the north tower.

We just ducked out the gate and then came about and headed back inside the bay, watching as a lone pelican flashed past us.

A well-reefed Friar Tuck passed as she headed north.

We blasted toward home port after pulling out the jib to full and were making really fast headway over the ground with 25 knot winds and flood current assist, and spotting ALMA heading southeasterly toward the cityfront.

ADVENTURE CAT was headed out under full canvas on one of her afternoon sails.

ALMA eventually tacked to the west, heading toward home port at the Maritime Museum dock.

PRIVATEER, the charter ketch out of pier 39, was flying full main and jib and sailing well-heeled-over as she headed for home port.

We sailed into the lee of pier 35, having made the trip back from the gate in record time, doused sails and got ready for landing and then motored around the pier into the marina happy to have spent a few nice sunny hours on the bay.

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