Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bob joined us about 2 pm for our sailing outing, and we left port about 2:30 pm after I finished sewing a patch on the crotch of my foulie pants. A light rain was falling already as we readied the boat for departure and only a few knots of breeze were blowing. With the possibility of strong winds if a squall were to creep over the bay, we raised single-reefed main and headed out into the central bay, pulling out the jib to full and heading northeast against the waxing ebb current.

Bob was at the helm as we ghosted to the northeast with the current dragging us northward, and we invoked our special relationship with mother nature to bring us a stronger breeze, which she soon did so we were able to make good progress toward Treasure Island, hoping to sail around the island and ride the ebb current home if the wind died.

The rain was steady and light as we sailed along, but the wind freshed and shifted into the east, forcing us to sail more northward than we wanted to do or to beat toward the island and we chose the former, but should have chosen the latter. We eventually tacked toward the east side of Treasure Island, but then the breeze started to shift into the southeast and soften. so we fell off to head toward home port. We managed to sail to a point about 3/4 of a mile from home port and then had to begin motoring, pointing our course about 40 degrees to the east of our destination because the 2-3 knots of ebb current was dragging us westward.

We doused sail and readied for landing as we motored along, the rain stopping as skies brightened a bit. We motored into the marina, made a good landing, stopping the boat before she was fully in the slip because a southerly wind was now blowing harder and tending to push her into the slip. As it was, we didn't get to the bow soon enough to avoid the bow touching the dock lightly as we were tying up the bow lines.

It was nice to be out on the bay even in the light rain showers and we were happy that we had some good winds for sailing for at least an hour or so while we were out there.

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