Saturday, January 19, 2008


Michael joined us about 2:30 for our afternoon sail. Because of low tide, slightly negative, we had to power out of the slip and half way down the fairway with the bottom of the keel dragging in the mud.

As we left port, the earlier northeasterly breeze had died away and we were hoping that a freshening breeze would reassert when we got out on the bay.

Out on the bay, a neighbor boat that preceded us out of the marina was heading northwest.

We were ghosting toward the gate with a waning ebb current and very little wind, and eventually passed this convocation of seagulls-- Michael said he saw them feasting on a dead bird.

Out in the west, this sailboat was returning from the gate.

CHEAP THERAPY, a Cal 20, passed to starboard as the breeze was freshening out of the northwest.

The crew was enjoying the sunny afternoon.

The city was enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.

On the trip westward, we saw a number of harbor seals, like this one, poking their heads out and looking around, in addition to seeing several fish jumping out of the water and splashing in.

Behind us the two-thirds moon was brightening.

Way in the north, over by Belvedere, a couple of sailboats were crossing paths.

We shot the gate just south of center span, enjoying views of the bridge and the headlands behind.

FRENCH KISS was outside the gate and heading back as we shot the gate.

Our famous bridge was wearing vivid international orange in the late afternoon.

PRINCESS, off to port, was also heading back inside the bay.

We came about and headed back inside, accompanied by this lovely cutter.

As we sailed to the northeast, positioning ourselves to watch the sundown through the gate, this Islander passed to starboard, looking good!

We had watched as this sailboat under spinnaker crossed in front of us from north to south, and then passed in front of the city enjoying near-sundown color.

We were almost north of Alcatraz and then tacked back to the west to be in better position to watch the sundown-- the sun now a large orange ball about to drop into the ocean.

We came about and headed for home, watching the dramatic sundown.

The western sky was brilliant orange as the sun went down into the ocean.

We watched the last rays of the sun about to disappear as we ghosted toward
home port on broad reach port tack with some flood current assist.

The moon was now very bright in the sky.

A marmalade sky developed as the sunset color in the west.

City lights brightened in the sky at dusk.

City lights on telegraph hill and the financial district-- sensational at twilight!

The marmalade sunset persisted as we approached the marina, dousing sail and then motoring into port.

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