Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Sunday morning gave us a bit of sunshine and some blue sky after some
very heavy weather--strong winds and heavy rain on Thursday through Saturday.

We headed out about noon, hoping to get in a few hours of decent sailing before the marina became too shallow at around 3 pm, and winds were light out of the southeast.

Once out on the central bay, where the ebb current was waxing, we tried to sail to the northeast, but were being pushed back by the current, as this tug passed to port, heading east...

...as did this pilot boat blasting along and creating a big wake.

We turned on the engine and motored toward the cityfront and eastward until a stonger southeast wind came up and we were able to make some headway to the northeast, as the current carried us northward, and the California Hornblower was heading toward Treasure Island on its brunch cruise.

As we passed to the north of Harding Rock, one could see the strong ebb current flowing past the buoy there.

In the northeast, a nice sailboat was heading toward Treasure Island.

Behind us, a cruise ship of moderate size was tied up at pier 35.

This nice ketch was rounding Angel Island.

As we approached Treasure Island, this Marine Science Institute boat changed course to pass us as she headed north.

Behind us, this tug and barge with large crane aboard was heading south toward the Bay Bridge.

This dark-hulled sailboat was heading for Alcatraz.

Another tug and barge were steaming north, having passed the north end of Treasure Island.

This helicoper passed overhead....

...followed a bit later by this Coast Guard helicopter.

Behind us, the city was overcast.

Because of the wind direction, airliners were streaming overhead, heading for local airports, but this pair seemed to be in a near-miss situation-- much closer to each other than FAA regulations specify.

We sailed to the northeast side of Treasure Island, but then the winds declined and we were unable to sail up the east shore of the island, so we tried to start the engine but it wouldn't fire up, so we headed for home port and this sailboat approached from the south.

The solo skipper was occupied as she passed.

Way over by the cityfront, this large sailboat was motorsailing eastward against the strong ebb current.

We tacked back and forth to the southeast, hoping the wind would hold and we could play the current to get to home port, but the winds declined and we were somewhat at the mercy of the ebb current, and still the engine wouldn't start. So we had to call Vessel Assist to arrange for a tow back to home port.

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