Monday, January 21, 2008


Olivier stopped by and invited me to go sailing with him, and I decided to accept rather than taking ANTICIPATION out solo with westerly winds blowing at about 25 knots.

We headed out about 1:15 with single reefed main and small jib, initially heading west bouncing through big wind waves and taking spray, but then falling off to head for the lee of Angel Island, and watched as other sailboats were crossing the bay, like this one...

...and this one.

This beautiful Tartan sailboat was rounding the southeast end of Angel Island as we approached.

A beautiful large Beneteau, that we later saw was named TENACIOUS, passed to port....

... looking great!

Another beautiful dark-hulled sailboat also passed to port, heading for the central bay.

Closer to the shore of the island, a small Santana had its jib shrimping in the water, and none of the crew seemed to be taking any action to retreive it.

As we continues sailing up the lee shore of Angel Island, TENACIOUS was out further from the island, in stronger winds, and was passing us easily.

After several tacks, TENACIOUS was blasting through Raccoon Straits ahead of us.

Because of the strong ebb current, it took us several tacks to sail into Raccoon Straits, and we were enjoying the views of the clouds like these over the Tiburon Headlands.

As we were sailing through the Straits, a trimaran named DEFIANCE was blasting through the straits off to port.

Several boats were lingering in Ayala Cove at Angel Island.

Angel Island was enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.

Another sailboat was also blasting through the straits off ot our port side.

Olivier wanted to divert to take a close look at the 80 foot race boat that had participated in the Corinthian Midwinter Regatta-- and what a beauty SORCERY is, at anchor-- would love to see her under sail.

We had to use the iron genny to motor out of the lee of Belvedere, and then headed straight for the gate on starboard tack close reach, watching this sailboat heading downwind to the north, returning from the gate.

We passed a couple of sailboats just outside Horseshoe Cove.

Winds were moderate in the lee of the headlands, but became blustery as we approached the gate, and after wondering if some windsurfers would be out enjoying the strong winds, we spotted a couple, like this one blasting across the gate as we sailed out.

The bridge and the headlands looked spectacular as always in the late afternoon sunshine.

Outside the gate, another windsurfer was blasting along.

The full moon was brightening in the northeast sky as we motored around pier 35 after dousing sails.

The sun was about to set and creating some beautiful cloud pattern color as we were motoring into the marina in the chilling afternoon air.

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