Friday, March 7, 2008


Clouds covered the city and the bay for most of the day.

We left port about 3 pm with a moderate wind blowing from the west.

Once out on the central bay, where the current was ebbing quite strongly, we headed out to the northeast, watching as ENDLESS TIME motored eastward toward the Bay Bridge.

Way over in the east, a small sailboat was sailing along the shore of Treasure Island.

Skies in the west were starting to clear to partly cloudy as we ghosted along, carried northward by the current.

Behind us, a sailboat was sailing downwind, doing wing and wing.

A blue hulled sailboat wsa sailing along the shore of Yerba Buena toward the Bay Bridge.

This large tugboat passed in front of us, pulling a large barge....

... which was probably carrying petroleum-- since it was accompanied by another tug, but also has a motorboat strapped to the roof of a building on the deck of the barge.

Skies began to clear over the city as we continued ghosting northeaterly.

We were initially in the path of this large Madson freighter that was outbound from the Port of Oakland, so we turned on the engine for a while to make sure that we stayed well out of its way. It slipped past us astern and we rode its substantial bow wake for a while.

Skies over the bay continued ot clear and eventually we were sailing in sunshine.

Way up in the north of us, a couple of sailboats were headed toward Angel Island on a breeze that was gradually shifting into the northeast and freshening.

Skies over the city were also clearing as we headed for the north side of Treasure Island.

We were rounding the northeast corner of TI as this large tractor tugboat steamed northward, creating a big wake, so we tacked to ride the wake rather than buck it.

After the wake passed, we tacked again and headed down the east shore of TI, eventually passing this sand dredge and barge.

We sailed past the pier on the east side of TI and noted the sailboats anchored out in the cove between YBI and TI.

This small sailboat was anchored near the shore of YBI with her sails up-- hope she wasn't aground on the shallows there.

We came about and headed back up the east side of TI, eventually passing this tug pushing an empty dredgings barge.

A traffic copter was hanging over the Bay Bridge for a while as we ghosted northward with a bit of ebb assist.

This sailboat was motorsailing toward the Bay Bridge.

The sun behind some clouds in the west created some lovely light and shadow shows in the sky.

Eventually the sun went down behind the Marin Headlands.

Some brilliant sunset color developed after sundown.

Clouds in the north took on some pinkish sunset color... did some clouds south of us.

Eventually, we had to turn on the engine as the wind died away and begin motoring toward home port, steaming toward the marmalade sunset with some birds passing through it.

A brilliant marmalade sky developed over the gate as we motored around TI.

City lights were bright as the sky darkened...

...and Coit Tower was shining brightly as we approached home port, wishing we had stayed closer to home port to avoid having to motor a long distance.

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