Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Monday was sunny and warm all day until sundown when skies clouded over-- a day that a hiking buddy and I spent trekking 30 miles or so in the Mt. Tamalpais watershed area north of Mt. Tam-- see a slideshow of over 200 photos taken on the trek, if interested, at


Tuesday started out chilly and overcast leaving the city and the bay bathed in haze.

Michael joined us around 2 pm for an afternoon sail, and we headed out about 2:15 pm, with a moderate southwesterly breeze blowing.

Once out in the central bay, we headed westward against the flood current, passing the end of pier 39 where flags were fluttering in a breeze of 8-10 knots.

A single tack took us past the southern shore of Alcatraz-- gloomy in the afternoon haze and overcast.

The city was locked in the haze and chilly air.

For a while, we saw no company out there, except for freighters a tug and barge inbound and a couple of sand harvesting dredges, but eventually spotted this sailboat motorsailing eastward past Angel Island.

A bit later, we spotted this lovely large ketch sailing across the gate...

...and this nice large sailboat that we later learned was named BEOWULF passing Horseshoe Cove.

A bit later, this nice sailboat crossed in front of us, looking good, though with noone at the helm at the time of this photo.

As we continued beating to the west, sometimes having to tack to the south to find more breeze, and then getting pushed eastward by the current-- we saw that that ketch was not outside the gate and continuing to head out toward the ocean while BEOWULF was heading back inside the bay.

That sailboat that had passed in front of us to cross the bay was now heading back toward her home port, crossing the bay behind us.

We had watched as ADVENTURE CAT 2 sailed westward, passing us-- probably motorsailing at times through the light air in the lee of the headlands-- and now she was passsing Yellow Bluff on her way to the gate.

A bit later, BEOWULF was also passing Yellow Bluff, though in the opposite direction.

The crew of BEOWULF was doing something regarding the boom on the boat as she sailed downwind, presumably heading for home port.

The Golden Gate Bridge was a bit hazed out as we approached the shore of the headlands north of Horseshoe Cove.

After a couple more tacks, we were sailing past Horseshoe Cove and the fort on the shore there.

A few more tacks and we were sailing out the gate just north of midspan of the GGB.

We just ducked out a short ways and then fell off to head back inside, riding the moderate wind and the flood current assist, while watching this Coast Goard patrol boat steaming toward the gate at high speed and tossing up lots of spray.

As we continued eastward, sailing downwind, this yellow-hulled J-boat was blasting westward toward the gate.

A couple of small raceboats came out of the San Francisco marina and were practicing along the shore.

Skies were gradually clearing over the bay and the city as we continued sailing eastward toward home port.

The city was enjoying haze killing sunshine as we sailed between pier 45 and pier 39, eventually dousing sail after passing the marina, and then motoring into port-- pleased to have spent a few hours on the bay, even though conditions were less than ideal.

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