Tuesday, March 4, 2008


A nice breeze blew up in the late morning, and Michael joined us in the early afternoon for a couple of hours of sailing.

We left port around 1 pm, with a westerly blowing at about 5-7 knots,
and we hoped for some freshening as the afternoon wore on.

Once out in the central bay, we spotted this Catalina headed for the Bay Bridge against the waxing ebb current.

We headed northeast, crossing the ebb current and being pulled northward, while this lovely gaff-rigged schooner was sailing westward with the current and looking good!

JAKATAN passed in front of us and continued on her way toward the west with perfect sail trim.

We eventually gybed toward Treasure Island and then headed up to sail down the west shore of the island, passing by the large tents being set up in preparation for a wealthy couple's wedding this coming weekend-- a wedding that will include a half hour of fireworks according to a memo from the port captain which establishes and exclusion zone around the fireworks barge.

We sailed past the Naval Museum on the island as it basked in the strong afternoon sunshine.

Way over by the cityfront, a catamaran was heading south under colorful spinnaker.

We fought the ebb current to sail under the D-E span of the Bay Bridge, watching as the Hawaiian Chieftain approached and then headed off the wind in the distance.

We headed up toward the shore of the city with the ebb current keeping our effective course mostly parallel to the bridge, and we spotted this Beneteau sailing down the cityfront against the current.

The HAWAIIAN CHIEFTAIN was broadside to us eventually, and looking good in the strong sunshine. We kept looking to see if the LADY WASHINGTON was accompanying her, as she usually is, but not this time.

That Beneteau passed under the A-B span of the Bay Bridge and approached from our starboard side.

A military helicopter passed quite low overhead, and Michael, who was in the Marine Corp, thought it odd that there was so much military aviation overflying the city with no military bases near here anymore.

We were soon crossing in front of that Beneteau with a Catalina in the distance and the financial district of the city in the background

That Catalina was looking good as she approached after passing under the A-B span.

We sailed to within a few hundred yards of the piers on the cityfront shore and then tacked to sail north through the A-B span of the bridge, and then tacked to head for the cityfront shore while enjoying views of the Ferry Building and the towers of the Financial District.

As we sailed along, we enjoyed the view of the Ferry Building and Telegraph Hill in the distance.

Eventually we tacked to the north again and sailed past the bow and arrow sculpture on shore-- nicely illuminated with midday sunlight.

The Bay Bridge was gleaming brightly in the afternoon sunshine.

Some people were enjoying the afternoon sunshine and warm air on the pedestrian pier built over the breakwater south of the Ferry Building.

We sailed north and then west until we were in position to tack into the lee of pier 35 to douse sail, and watched as this lovely sailboat passed, heading east.

After dousing sail, we motored around the pier into the marina, happy to have spent a couple of delightful hours on our fantastic bay with good winds.

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