Saturday, April 12, 2008


We left port about 2 pm with a westerly wind blowing at about 15 knots, and clear, but somewhat hazy, skies. Expecting stronger winds would probably come up, we raised a single-reefed main, and put out a small jib and headed out into the central bay.

A large private yacht was steaming toward the gate as we headed westward on the southwest breeze.

We sailed west for a while and, after being horn-blasted by an incoming freighter-- for no good reason-- we tacked back toward pier 39, and then tacked away to the west again-- the flags on the end of the pier were fluttering vigorously in the breeze.

We again sailed westward for a while and then tacked into the lee of pier 45, before tacking to the west again with the city behind us enjoying the brilliant sunshine.

A neighbor boat motored out of the marina after we left and motored northwest past Alcatraz and then steamed back toward the marina without putting out any canvas.

Alcatraz was enjoying the brilliant sunshine as we sailed past.

Way over in the northeast, a dark-hulled sailboat was heading south and looking good.

We spotted a sailboat in the north as we passed Alcatraz, and as she got close, we could see that she was PRIVATEER, the charter ketch out of Pier 39, heading back toward home port.

We tacked back toward the city to rendezvous with our old pal ADVENTURE CAT as she headed toward home port.

Way in the north, a couple of sailboats were heading our way on close reach starboard tack.

This small Beneteau passed astern, looking good....

... as did this small sailboat.

Off in the west, Mt. Tam was towering over Sausalito.

A large dark-hulled, cutter-rigged sailboat was anchored off the shore of Sausalito.

We sailed to near the shore at Yellow Bluff, then tacked to the south, sailed past Horseshoe Cove, tacked to the west again past the cove, then tacked to sail across the gate, the flood current pushing us away. As we sailed along, we spotted this lone kitesurfer out by the gate.

As ew continued across the gate, we spotted other kitesurfers blasting across the bay, like this one.

After sailing past the south tower of the bridge, we tacked to head out the gate, watching some kite surfers and a windsurferover by the north tower of the bridge.

As we sailed out the gate just north of the south tower, we enjoyed watching the kitesurfers blasting along over by the shore of the Marin Headlands.

The GGB was beautiful as always in the afternoon sunshine.

We ducked out the gate and then came about and headed back inside to watch the windsurfers and kitesurfers play on the bay, like this windsurfer headed out way....

... and this cat-masked windsurfer that we have seen before.

Here two windsurfers were racing across the bay side by side.

This windsurfer-- a woman, I think-- blasted past us.

Way north of us, this J race boat was heading toward the gate.

We caught this close-up of a kitesurfer-- another woman, I think-- as she blasted across the bay.

After hanging around just west of the St. Francis YC to watch and photograph the wind and kitesurfers-- ending up with over one hundred shots which you can see on my photo album web site at:
and then we headed bach toward the gate where we were joined by ADVENTURE CAT on her sunset sail, and this kitesurfer blasting around.

We sailed otu the gate again and then came about again and headed back toward home port, continuing to enjoy the windsurfers and kitesurfers, like this windsurfer blasting toward us....

... and then looking back as he blasted away from us.

Over by the cityfront, we spotted some small and larger race boats practicing.

ADVENTURE CAT was returning from the gate as we blasted toward home port after pulling out the jib to full for more downwind power, and we watched as she sailed into the lagoon at Aquatic Park.

The city was enjoying the late sunshine as se approached pier 39, with some reflected sunlight glinting off one of the hotel buildings.

ADVENTURE CAT was behind us, crossing the setting sun, as we approached pier 35.

We had already doused the jib while passing pier 39, and approaching pier 35, we came into the wind and doused the main, readied the boat for landing and then motored into port, happy to have spent more than five pleasant hours on the bay.

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