Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tuesday was another sunny day in SF, but the afternoon winds were, fortunately, more moderate than they were on Monday afternoon when they were blowing around 25-30 knots. Michael joined us about 1:30 pm and we headed out around 2 pm for an afternoon sail.

As we left port, the winds over the city seemed to be in the 10-15 knot range, although much stronger on the bay.

We raised a single-reefed main and pulled out a full jib to head north with the intent to sail around Angel Island, eventually watching as the CAL MARITIME J105 race boat sailed southward.

As we sailed north and well to the east of the island, this nice-looking yawl was headed south and looking good. She later tacked toward Raccoon Straits after we headed up and hardened in sails to head for the straits, and then seemed to have some problems with too much canvas and be a bit out of control.

We sailed into the straits just inside the northeastern point and then tacked toward Ayala Cove on Angel Island, sailing past the cove on starboard tack-- the cove had a sailboat with sails up-- quite unusual...

.. along with another sailboat tied up at the buoys.

At the small marina, there was only one sailboat tied up.

Later, that sailboat with sails up in the cove was sailing northward through the straits.

As we were exiting the straits, this lovely 28' ketch was heading into the straits from the west.

As we sailed toward the gate on starboard tack in strong westerly winds, PAGAN BABY was heading west past the island.

As we continued on toward the gate, we spotted this kitesurfer having a blast in the strong winds.

We tried to head for the gate, but winds we had too much canvas out and had to fall off toward the shore of San Francisco and ease out the sails. Current had started to flood so when we tacked we were still not making progress toward the gate and so gave up, came about and headed for home port.

As we sailed eastward, we spotted the same kitesurfer heading our way...

.. .and did a small aerial that we just managed to capture.

We were sailing direct downwind, main only, as the wind was westerly and not southwesterly as it usually is, sailed eventually into the lee or pier 35 to douse the main and prepare for landing-- another few hours of pleasure on the bay.

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