Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My daughter Lar and her boyfriend Luiz with his mother Margarita joined me in the late morning for brunch, and after doing up the dishes, we headed out for a sailing outing.

Skies were mostly cloudy when we left port, and winds were moderate out of the west, but stronger winds were forecast, so we raised single-reefed main and headed out into the central bay a short ways before coming about and heading downwind toward the Bay Bridge, pulling out the jib to full for downwind power.

A traditional sailboat with a large main and long boom was heading toward the Bay Bridge also, and looking good!

Way over by Yerba Buena Island, another sailboat was heading east.

As we sailed along, skies began to clear and the Ferry Building was esventually enjoying full sunshine.

Winds freshened as we sailed under the A-B span of the Bay Bridge, so we reefed the jib in preparation for our eventual coming about and heading back upwind to the north, meanwhile enjoying views of the financial district buildings through the bridge.

A four engine plane was flying low over the bay-- perhaps carrying tourists-- a plane that we have started to see regularly in the last week.

We came about and headed back north through the A-B span, tacked toward the cityfront, and then tacked again to the north, watching as the small sailboat, Portugal Princess, was headed for the Bay Bridge...

... as was this lovely blue-hulled C&C sailboat under full canvas.


This sailboat was experiencing the strong winds approaching the Bay Bridge.

This lovely sailboat was sailing along the cityfront and looking good.

After passing pier 23, we fell off and headed north to sail way to the west of Angel Island to stay out of the waxing ebb current and have good winds, eventually passing this Ericson 32 heading south.

We had strong winds all across the central bay and east of Angel Island, and we watched other sailboats enjoying the strong winds, like this J-boat sailing off the wind away from the shore of the island.

This small trimaran passed to port, blasting along with good winds.

A J105 with kite flying was heading northeast away from the island.

A small catamaran passed to port.

We eventually headed up to sail toward the east mouth of Raccoon Straits, maintaining good winds, and beating against them, to eventually enter the straits, watching as that small traditional sailboat we had seen heading east earlier was now also entering the straits.

We sailed past Ayala Cove where a few boats were tied up at the buoy field and in slips at the small marina.

A couple of sailboats were sailing downwind with good speed, like this large sailboat....

... and this much smaller one.

The larger of those two sailboats ended up coming about and heading back upwind.

This small sailboat was also sailing downwind through the straits with Mt. Tam towering over the scene in the background.

After exiting the straits, we were blasting toward the gate on close reach starboard tack, initially pointing directly toward the gate with the strong wind out of the west, watching windsurfers and kite surfers like this one enjoying the strong winds.

This kite surfer launched into the air-- something we are seeing more of these days.

We sailed to near the south tower of the gate before tacking out the gate near midspan, enjoying views of the bridge and the Marin Headlands.

We just ducked out the gate and then fell off to head back inside, sailing against the ebb current, eventually coming about just inside the north tower, and heading downwind toward home port, having fun watching the windsurfers, like this one, blasting across the water.

With winds out of the west, rather than the usual southwest direction, we had to sail direct downwind toward home port, or else gybe back and forth, and so we pulled in the jib all the way and sailed ddw with main only, surfing from time to time on the building wind waves.

We sailed into the lee of pier 35 to douse the main and ready for landing, and then motored around the pier and into port. After landing and tying up, we headed over to North Beach for a pizza dinner. All in all, another day full of the pleasures of good food, good sailing and good company.

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