Monday, July 14, 2008


We headed out for a short sail of a couple of hours around 2:30 pm.

With moderate winds blowing as we exited the marina, but expecting the usual drastic freshening, we raised single-reefed main and put out a small jib before heading out into the central bay.

Immediately on entering the central bay, we encountered fellow sailors out there as this small sailboat passed to port....

... and this small sailboat crossed in front of us, sailing nicely on close reach starboard tack with full canvas flying.

GRAND WAZOO also passed to port as we sailed westward on the southwesterly breeze.

This Hunter sailboat, named LA VIE EN ROSE II, is apparently a neighbor boat that left the marina and headed north, passing astern of us.

Pier 39 flags were fluttering moderately as we passed after tacking toward the lee of pier 45.

Ahead of us, ADVENTURE CAT 2 AND that same small sailboat seen earlier were heading west.

Behind us, PRIVATEER, the charter ketch out of pier 39, was heading back to home port.

As we tacked away to the west again, the city behind us was enjoying hazy sunshine.

As we continues sailing westward, contemplating putting out more canvas, thi slovely Ericson 33, flying full canvas, passed to port heading east.

As we approached the south shore of Alcatraz, we could see that the island was enjoying hazy sunshine as well and the southern cliffs are getting whiter and whiter from bird guano-- hundreds of birds roosting there this time of year.

As we tacked away from the southern shore of Alcatraz, this lovely sailboat passed us, heading northeast on port tack.

We sailed southward for a while and then tacked to the west again, and after passing well off the St. Francis Yacht Club building, we spied this TP 52 leaving the marina there and heading west under main only.

A short time later, she had altered course, disposted her asymmetrical spinnaker, and was headed our way on port tack broad reach, and we could now see that the boat name was FLASH.

FLASH passed well astern of us, looking great!

The air was warm and the breeze moderate, so we didn't need to don the usual jacket and we continued sailing westward, watching this sailboat closer to the cityfront heading downwind under a colorful kite.

Flocks of pelicans regularly fly by now that their numbers continue to increase in the area.

After passing well to the southwest of the Harding Rock buoy, we bagan to see sailboats out of the north bay heading for the central bay, like this one flying full canvas and looking good-- she looks like a Santana 22.

The Golden Gate Bridge was hazed out a bit, but still looking regal as she presided over the golden gate.

We eventually pulled out the jib to full after sensing that the stronger winds we usually see blow up by 4 pm were probably not going to materialize, and enjoyed sailing westward on close reach port tack with good headway for a while. Eventually, it was time to head back so as to be back in port for a 5:30 pm dinner rendezvous, so we came about and headed back downwind with some flood assist.

We crossed in front of RADIANT as she sailed northward on broad reach port tack with happy passengers sitting on the foredeck in the nice, but hazy sunshine.

After passing the Ft. Mason piers, we were surprised to see a lone kiteboarder cross in front of us, heading south.

This nice sailboat flying full canvas was sailing past the southern shore of Alcatraz.

This Islander sailboat, another charter boat our of pier 39, passed to starboard and her skipper hailed us as she passed.

The city was still enjoying the hazy afternoon sunshine as we sailed between pier 45 and pier 39.

Way off in the north, the charter sloop RUBY was heading west under full canvas.

As we approached pier 39, this nice Ranger sailboat crossed in front of us, heading west.

Flags on the end of pier 39 were fluttering in a breeze of about 10 knots.

Behind us, a sailboat flying full canvas was plying the sun-sparkled waters of the bay.

As we sailed past the marina, this nice sailboat croseed in front of us, looking good under full canvas.

We sailed into the lee of pier 35 to douse sails and spotted our next door boat neighbor there with sails already completely doused and ready to motor into port. We doused sails, readied for landing and then motored around pier 35 into the marina for a nice landing with moderate flood current. Another delightful afternoon of spending a few hours on the bay passed quickly, and we soon made our dinner rendezvous, followed by spending a couple of delightful hours entertaining the 5 year old daughter of friends after our dinner together, while they attended the show at Theater 39-- a show that they enjoyed very much and highly recommends!

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