Monday, July 7, 2008


Fog crept into the city from the ocean overnight, but began clearing over the city and the bay in mid-morning. Vincent, Michael and Olivier joined us for an afternoon outing and we left port about 2 pm. We raised single reefed main and put out small jib before heading out into the central bay where winds of about 10 knots were blowing and a strong flood current was flowing.

We headed west on the southwest breeze, and passed TALISMAN, a Benteau heading east and looking good.

The flags on the end of pier 39 were fluttering in the 10 knot breeze and many people were at the end of the pier enjoying the warm sunshine and views of the bay.

This lovely Islander passed to port, heading east and looking good.

This heavily reefed Hunter named LEAP OF FAITH was also heading east along the cityfront.

As we sailed westward, being pushed northward by the flood current,
the charter sloop RUBY was blasting eastward under full canvas.

Winds quickly freshened as we sailed past the lee side of Alcatraz and continued westward until they were blowing at 20-25 knots, creating a challenge for this lovely sailboat charging downwind and flying a colorful asymmetrical kite-- at one point she almost broached in a gust, but was looking good the rest of the time.

Off to starboard the air was clear, but off to port, the air was foggy as this lovely, and appropriately reefed sailboat blasted westward.

As we continued westward, this lovely Hanse sloop was heading eastward under full canvas and looking great!

This sailboat crossed in front of us, heading for the central bay, and in the background you can see that a finger of fog was still invading the bay through the gate.

Behind us, this small sailboat was sailing with full canvas and charging along while looking good.

A lovely Folkboat named RED SNAPPER was also passing astern of us, looking great under full canvas.

PRIVATEER passed behind us with a large load of passengers.

This lovely ketch also passed astern, sailing off the wind and looking good.

We watched for some time as this small sailboat flying full canvas was overpowered and repeatedly being pulled to weather and flogging her sails.
This video clip shows her struggle.

We continued beating westward toward the gate, and this J105 passed astern, looking good with full canvas flying.

We beat our way into Horseshoe Cove with winds now at least 25 knots and then I decided not to continue on to shoot the gate, and instead came about and headed for home port. The strong winds lasted all the way to home port and we sailed past the large cruise ship at pier 35 and doused sails in the lee of the ship, readied for landing and then motored into port.

After docking, Vincent and Olivier stayed around and sat in the cockpit of ANTICIPATION and enjoyed some wine and cheese and crackers. After Olivier left to drive home, Vicent and I went to Il Pescatore for a nice seafood dinner and then, for some exercise, I joined him as he walked over to Bart for his return back to the east bay.

All in all, a great weekend of sailing and socializing and dining!

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