Saturday, July 26, 2008


Michael and Bob joined us around 1:30 for our afternoon outing and we left port about 1:45 pm.

Winds were already howling on the bay, so we raised single-reefed main just outside the marain and put out a small jib before heading out into the central bay.

We headed west on the strong southwest breeze, fighting both wind and current with the wind fluttering the flags on the end of pier 39 to show a breeze of about 20 knots or so.

After sailing westward for a while, we tacked toward the cityfront to check out our old pal ADVENTURE CAT 2 as she headed for home after a run to the gate and back.

With the flood current pushing us eastward, we tacked a bit west of the west marina entrance and head out to the west again, but then spotted the tall ships sailing northward out of the south bay, so fell off and headed northward for a rendezvous, meanwhile watching the charter sloop RUBY heading home.

This folkboat was heading southward toward the Bay Bridge.

Another nice sailboat, a Jeanneau, I think, was heading north and looking good.

The CALIFORNIAN was heading north as we started to close the distance between us and her.

The GASLIGHT, a charter schooner on the bay was behind the CALIFORNIAN initially, but she then tacked and headed back south.

As we closed the distance between us and the CALIFORNIAN, she tacked and headed back to the south again. Another tall ship was further north and also tacked back to the south but she was out of decent photo range, especially in the smazy condition on the bay -- note that you can see no featured on land behind the CALIFORNIAN -- all hidden in smaze.

We did a chicken gybe to head after the CALIFORNIAN, and as we approached, she again began to tack back to the north again-- here just heading up to begin the tack....

... here back on port tack again.... heading right for us, sailing a bit off the wind, but with most sails trimmed for close-hauled course.....

.... and soon she was blasting our way with a 'bone in her teeth'!!!!

Check out this great video clip as she blasted past us!!!!

After she passed, we tacked again to head after her, but a security boat forced us to bear away and so we headed westward again toward Sausalito, leaving the tall ships behind, but watching from a distance as they engaged in a mock sea battler with canons roaring.

We sailed toward Sausalito in winds that freshened more and blasting through wind waves, despite flood current, that sent big blasts of spray over the bow and some invading the cockpit, so the camera stayed in the locker behind the helm. We beat toward the gate for a while, but the winds were too blustery, so we eventually fell off and headed home

With strong winds, we were soon approaching home port, while the city was enjoying smazy late afternoon sunshine.

The flags on the end of pier 39 were still pegged out in the strong winds.

As we passed the end of pier 39, we watched as charter ketch PRIVATEER headed out for a sail with just a couple of passengers aboard.

We sailed into the lee of pier 35 to douse sails and get ready for landing, and then motored around the pier and into the marina, making a good landing.

Later in the evening, while hiking the hills of the city with a hiking buddy, we saw the effects of the smaze in the area on the sunset form the top of the hill on Fillmore Street-- a very red-orange sun going down over the Marin Headlands-- beautiful, but not comforting.

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