Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Shyam, Greg and Jillian [all contacts from] joined us for the first time for our afternoon outing.

We left port about 1:15 pm with a moderate wind blowing, but expecting stronger winds eventually, so we raised single-reefed main, put out double-reefed main, and headed out into the central bay, heaing northward toward the lee side of Angel Island.

PRIVATAEER headed out of port behind us, raised sails and headed out into the central bay with her passengers-- looks like just a couple of people.

We sailed across the cenral bay and eventually as we approached a point opposite the southeast point of Angel Island, we spotted the J105 fleet heading downwind toward their leeward mark.

We sailed northward into the lee of Angel Island, into lighter winds, and decided to pull in the jib and sail back to watch the J105 fleet sailing upwind toward the windward mark and setting spinnakers.

Here, several J105s are beating toward the mark on different tacks.

The winds in the central bay were strong and wind waves had built up so some of the J105 fleet were having to luff up on the main to avoid being overpowered, like a couple of the boats here.

ROCK & ROLL was well-heeled over and luffing up as they passed us here.

This J105 was quite alone as she passed....

... while AQUAVIT here was in quite a bit of traffic... was ORION here.

SPARTAN and a competitor were approaching the windward mark together, as another boat was already blasting downwind under spinnaker.

Eventually, there was quite a traffic jam of boats approaching the windward mark.

Here, several of the boats have rounded the mark and set spinnakers to head for the leeward mark, while the boat in the front of the group seems to be having some problems with her spinnaker set.

Most of the boats headed for the leeward mark on starboard tack, but the closest boat here must have donw a gybe set and headed for the mark on port tack.

As we approached the mark-- staying well clear-- we enjoyed the sight of many of the race boats blasting downwind under colorful spinnakers.

We were close to the mark as MELILANI approached the mark-- the last of the fleet.

Here, the foredeck crew members are getting ready to set the spinnaker.

Here they are just about to raise the spinnaker ....

... and here it is up and flying nicely!

We now tacked and headed back toward the lee of Angel Island, sailing main only until we arrived in lighter air and then pulling the spinnaker out to single reef point and heading for Raccoon Straits, while this large sailboat was ahead of us and sailing with full canvas.

As we continued toward Raccoon Straits, this lovely small schooner passed in front of us, looking really great!

This lovely Islander 36 also crossed in front of us.

A military jet flew overhead as we continued toward Raccoon Straits.

We arrived in a lighter wind area and pulled out the jib to full, eventually picking up a nice 10 knot breeze as we entered the straits along with these boats a bit closer to Angel Island-- both looking good on the sparkling waters of the straits.

This J105 race boat passed us, heading home from the regatta under sail-- unusual as many skippers drop sails and motor home.

Behind us, this boat under full canvas was starting to catch up with us, but then one of the crew's hats blew off and they fell off to practice man overboard and try to retreive the hat.

Off in the south, the GGB was looking great with a big finger of fog invading the central bay through the bridge and a number of sailboats between us and the gate.

Behind us a large number of sailboats were enjoying the quieter waters.

With the breeze southerly, we were on course to sail directly through the straits on a single port tack close reach in perfect winds, but on the north half of the straits, away from Ayala Cove where many boats were tied up to buoys and at the docks.

As sailed past the shore of Tiburon, this cute small gaff rigged sailboat was heading across the straits in front of us.

We sailed westward on port tack until the breeze softened and then we tacked to the east to sail across the straits, following LIBERTY who was flying full canvas.

We headed up to avoid sailing in the bay air from LIBERTY, and were then sailing on a parallel course with this nice sailboat with a distinctive cockpit shape.

As we approached the shore of Angel Island, that sailboat off starboard tacked first and we followed suit, and now we were ahead of that small sailboat that earlier crossed in front of us.

Shyam was at the helm as we sailed toward Raccoon Straits and then Greg took over for our sail through the straits, and here the three of them were in the stern for this photo as we sailed out of Raccoon Straits.

We began beating westward toward Sausalito, hoping to be able to sail out the gate, and as we sailed past the southern point of Belvedere, this 29er race boat was blasting toward the straits under spinnaker.

Winds were shifting in direction south of the mouth of Richardson Bay, and we had to keep tacking and changing course as we beat toward the gate, while this J105 was heading for the central bay under full canvas with the fog finger deepening at the gate.

Behind us, this lovely yawl was heading for Sausalito and looking very good!

We eventually reefed the jib again to prepare for the strong winds on the central bay, and eventually arrrived in such winds and did some beating toward the gate, but the fog soon engulfed the gate and we gave up and headed for home port with just the right amount of canvas for the central bay winds.

As we approached home port, we spotted neighbor boat GO DOG GO heading west and looking good.

We sailed past the cruise ship still tied up at pier 35, found some lee area to douse sails and then motored around the cruise ship and into port.

After tying up and making a trip to the bathrooms, we sat in the cockpit in the warm late afternoon sunshine, having a spot chai tea and sharing the cooking that Greg and Jillian brought, and enjoying a nice get-acquainted conversation. Another day in the good life on permanent vacation!!!

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