Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We headed out about 2:30 pm., hoping to catch some of the J105 NA Championship regatta, raised single-reefed main and put out small jib before heading out into the central bay.

We eventually spotted the J105s racing in Berkeley Circle- a surprise since we expected them to be racing along the western cityfront shore like the day before, and headed over that way, passing in front of TIARA that came out of the marina behind us. She was flying full canvas -- probably overpowered for the strong winds on the bay- and her jib was luffing up and flapping around in a major way.

We did a couple of gybes to head for the race course area, eventually passing behind WIND SONG as she headed toward Angel Island.

As we approached to a half mile or so of the race course, we spotted the lead boat, DONKEY JACK, already around the mark and flying downwind under spinnaker, quite a few boat lengths ahead of the next boats in the fleet. As you can see, the seas are nasty with white caps.

As we got closer to the windward mark, we could see quite a traffic jam of boats approaching the mark on different tacks.

Here ROCK & ROLL and BLACKHAWK have rounded the mark and are in process of setting their spinnakers. BLACKHAWK finished 4th in the overall standings of the regatta while ROCK & ROLL was 22nd.

JAM SESSION is close to two other boats here and seems to be struggling with her spinnaker set. At one point we spotted a kite go flying away from the front of one of the boats right into the water-- perhaps the halyard broke or a shackle on it let loose. Wish I had gotten a photo of that excitement.

JAM SESSION finished 16th in the overall regatta.

VIM here is blasting downwind and looking good, seemingly with no other boats near. She finished 33rd of 36 in the overall regatta.

The two closest boats here, ALCHEMY and her neighbor are on starboard tack while the two more distant boats are on port tack. ALCHEMY finished 27th overall in the final standings.

ULTIMATUM here seemed to have had a problem with her spinnaker, and I think I later saw here fishing it out of the water from stern of the boat. If not her, then it was another boat doing that. Things also don't look quite right with the boat behind either. but I can't figure it out from the photo. ULTIMATUM finished last in the overall Regatta, being in the back of the pack in every race, but not always last.

Here there seems to be some confusion of kites near the windward mark. The closest boat, BLACKHAWK, is definitely off course and the boat to her right on port tack also seems to be struggling.

Here BLACKHAWK has recovered and is sailing in almost perfect alignment of relative positions with two other boats on either side.

GOOD TIMIN' here really seems to have the foredeck crewmen struggling with the kite which seems to have taken a wrap around the forestay -- not fun to deal with in high winds and big loads on the kite. But GOOD TIMIN' managed to come in second in the overall regatta, being consistently near the front of the pack.

These two are neck and nexk and both looking good as they charge downwind on starboard tack.

Here the nearest boats are on starboard tack while the distant ones are all on port tack as they head for the leeward mark.

After all the J105s had passed us, we headed north with a plan to head back toward the finish line to watch the fleet beating upwind toward the windward finish, and here is a lead boat heading for the finish line....

....or is this one the lead boat on port tack here-- she seems to be the one that was first around the windwark mark as we approached earlier. I checked the race results and DONKEY JACK here was the leader in this race and won the overall regatta by quite a wide margin, sailing very consistently and having a number of bullets -- first place finishes. The other boat in the previous photo is ARBITRAGE and she finished 10th in this race and 20th in the overall regatta.

Here a group of boats are beating toward the finish line on different tacks.

BLACKHAWK is luffing up her main quite dreastically as she passed us ...

... as are MOJO and ROCK & ROLL here-- I'm told this is often necessary to avoid being overpowered in strong winds.

At times there appeared to be quite a crowd of boats heading for the finish line on different tacks, the port tack boats having to give right of way to the starboard tack boats.

ADVANTAGE was looking good as she passed us on her way to the finish line. She finished 31st in the overall regatta, while finishing 23rd in this race.

Here one of the fleet is crossing the finish line which is between the committee boat-- small boat with flag-- and a small red balloon buoy about 100 yards to the south.

Most of the J105s had 5 crew members but this one has 6-- wonder what's up with that?

Here a couple of boats are headed for the finish line on port tack.

These two boats seem to be in pretty close quarters as they head for the finish.

This boat seems to be in no traffic as she heads for the finish line...

... as does this one crossing the line.

ULTIMATUM was bringing up the rear, but looking good as she charged toward the finish line.

After the finish of the race, we headed for home port, still flying main only until we arrived at the cityfront where winds were lighter and we pulled out some jib for our upwind beat against wind and current, until we could tack into the lee of pier 35 for dousing sail and preparing for landing.

As we headed toward the marina, we spotted Tim on CHEWINK heading out under full canvas, first heading north on port tack and then gybing onto starboard tack as in this photo as he headed downwind along the cityfront.

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