Sunday, August 10, 2008


It was about 12:30 pm when we left port under overcast skies.

Winds on the land were relatively moderate, but out on the bay the winds were already strong, so we raised single-reefed main and put out small jib before heading out into the central bay.

As we headed toward the central bay, this small single engine plane flew low over pier 35.

Behind us, the charter sloop, LADY J, was rasing main in preparation for heading out on the bay.

We headed southwest toward the gate on the breeze out of the SSW, while
LADY J headed west, sailing more off the wind with full canvas.

We sailed out a ways and the wind was so strong already that we tacked into the lee of pier 45 to reef the jib some more, passing this sailboat heading downwind.

Out in front of pier 39, this Coast Guard fast boat was just sitting, not going anywhere, but a short time later, she was blasting down the cityfront at high speed, followed a short time later by another Coast Guard fast boat, as if there were some emergency call to attend to at that time.

After reefing the jib more down to a postage stamp size, we tacked out into the central bay again, passing this motor vessel rafted up to the Jeremiah Obrian. for some unknown reason.

'dolce' passed in front of us as we headed toward the southwest again.

The crew of 'dolce' was bundled up against the windy chill on the bay.

The city was under misty overcast skies.

This large sailboat -- perhaps a 50 footer, was heading northward on port tack.

This large sailboat -- perhaps a 50 footer, was heading northward on port tack.

LADY KATE passed astern of us, also heading northward on port tack.

Her crew was also well-bundled against the chill on the bay.

As we sailed toward the gate, the breeze gradually shifted more westward so we were now headed toward the Marin Headlands and watched as this ocean-going tug, pulling a huge barge passed to port, the tug crew having shortened the tow before entering the bay-- very courteous of them!

A small race boat was crossing the bay under full canvas, rail in the water, grayed out by the mist, as was Ft. Point under the Golden Gate Bridge-- I love the mood and compostion of this shot!

As we continued westward, Sausalito and Mt. Tam were enjoying hazy sunshine.

Along the shore of Horseshoe Cove, this small sailboat flying full canvas, large jib, was charging toward the gate.

These two sailboats were passing each other along the shore of Yellow Bluff.

We spotted a race boat heading into the bay from the ocean, so we tacked over toward the cityfront to get a closer view and here the boat was blasting downwind while another smaller sailboat was heading for the gate.

As we approached the cityfront, we spotted a large sailboat flying main and jib passing a smaller sailboat flying jib only-- the larger sailboat looked like it might be a Swan.

We tacked toward the gate and gradually closed the distance with moderate ebb assist, as this sailboat was sailing out the gate on starboard tack.

We sailed out between midspan and the north tower under overcast skies, with fog frosting the tops of the cliffs of the Marin Headlands.

We just ducked out and then came about and headed back inside, heading for home port with the south tower of the bridge mostly obscured by the mist.

Our old pal, ADVENTURE CAT 2, was heading for the gate with quite a number of passengers on deck.

We pulled out the jib to full for the return trip even though winds were strong-- got pulled to weather in a bit of a broach at one point before we let the main out more, eventually spotting this nice ketch heading west under reduced sail.

As we blasted eastward on broad reach starboard tack, this large sailboat was charging toward us on starboard tack close reach....

... and passed astern of us, looking good , but with crew imprisoned in a walled in cockput-- not for me!

Futher to the north, this little red sailboat with no crew protection was charging westward and probably enjoying it more!!

STRAY CAT BLUES had finished the ocean race and was charging down the cityfront under colorful spinnaker.

The city was now enjoying hazy sunshine as we sailed between pier 45 and pier 39.

A 505 raceboat was charging across the bay on starboard tack, heading for the cityfront with one of the crew hiked out on a trapeze-- perhaps getting ready for some racing to come.

We ran out of battery power at this point, so couldn't show the pier 39 flags fluttering in what was now a fairly moderate breeze. We sailed into the lee of pier 35 to douse sails and prepare to land and then motored into the marina-- happy to have spent a few nice hours on the bay.

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