Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The day started with heavy marine overcast that seemed like it might not clear all day long. But, as Caryl and Joe joined us for the first time at noon for an afternoon outing, the skies had begun to clear and become mostly sunny.

We left port about 12:30 pm, raised single reefed main and put out reefed jib before heading out into the central bay, heaidng north toward the lee side of Angel Island, leaving behind the city basking in sunshine.

Joe was at the helm as we sailed northward and both he and Caryl were enjoying the sunny outing in moderate winds.

The air was clear and fresh and it was great to see after many days of haze and mist and it was great to see a number of boarts out joining us on the bay, like this one passing us and heading south.

As we arrived in the lee of Angel Island, this lovely cutter rigged Hylas 47 sailboat passed to port, looking great!

Here is a brief video clip of this lovely boat passing us.

Winds in the lee of Angel Island were more steady than usual, but remained moderate, so we pulled in the jib all the way and sailed main only to the northwest while we ate our turkey sandwich lunch in the nice sunny weather, the wind and flood current carrying us well north of the mouth of Raccoon Straits, so we tacked and headed back toward the straits while finishing our lunch.

We pulled out the full jib after finishing lunch and passed this main only Ericson 35 on our way to the east mouth of Raccoon Straits.

We soon arrived at the mouth of the straits and had a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge through the sun-sparkled waters of the straits, and the fewer than normal number of sailboats out on the water in this part of the bay.

As we sailed across the mouth of the straits, we were surprised to see our old pal, ADVENTURE CAT 2, heading into the straits-- probably on a special charter outing.

Behind us, this lovely red-hulled ketch was crossing the mouth of the straits, sailing with a large genoa and mizen sail deployed.

We sailed until we approached the shore of Angel Island and then tacked to the west, passing Ayala Cove where flewer boats were tied up at the buoy field than were there the day before, while the marina seemed full as expected.

As we sailed westward, we were joined by this lovely small race boat, looking great under full canvas!

This sailboat with well-shaded cockpit passed to starboard, sailing downwind.

As we approached the shore of Tiburon, I noticed for the first time this small house built on cement pilings in front of a large rock on the shore-- the house seeming to be all picture windows on all sides.

ADVENTURE CAT 2 was beating her way through the straits, not making much faster progress than we were.

This lovely dark-hulled Catalina passed us, sailing downwind through the straits.

As we sailed out of the straits, and headed toward the central bay, we spotted a very large sailboat crossing the gate and heading toward Richardson Bay-- definitely a rich-persons boat!

She looked soooooooo beautiful, sailing well-heeled-over, flying full canvas-- imagine the cost of those sails on a boat that seemed to be in the 70-80 foot range. The 'CAY' on the main probably means that the boat is 'home ported' in the Cayman Islands. The flag on the stern appears to be one of some former British Colony.

We reefed the jib down to a smaller size as we headed across the bay toward the cityfront with the ebb current dragging us toward the gate.

While we thought that that large sailboat was headed for Richardson Bay, we soon noticed that she was now headed east behind us.

As we sailed southward across the central bay, we spotted this 29er following us.
Here's a brief video clip of the small racer passing us.

As we approached the shore of the city, we spotted a couple of J105 race boats, like JAM SESSION here, that seemed likely to be out practicing for the J105 Nationals that will be hosted by the St. Francis YC this week

This other J105 with no name printed on her hull anywhere rounded the Blackaller Buoy and prepared to hoist her spinnaker.....

.... and soon was flying downwind with with her kite flying, looking good!
Here's a video clip of the spinnaker set.

As we headed for the gate under now overcast skies, we spotted this J105 race boat also heading for the gate.

Caryl and Joe were enjoying their first time of shooting the gate as we passed under the Golden Gate Bridge near midspan.

That J105 race boat was now outside the gate and sailing off the wind and we could see that she was JAM SESSION that passed us earlier inside the bay, and that she seemed to be preparing to do a spinnaker set.

ADVENTURE CAT 2 was sailing out the gate as we fell off toward the cliffs of the Marin Headlands outside the gate.

We eventually came about and headed back inside while enjoying views of the bridge and the headlands frosted with fog.

Inside the bay, we spotted some windsurfers, like this kiteboarder headed our way....

... and passing us with just one hand on the control lines of his kite.

We had pulled the jib out to full for more downwind power and were now experiencing softening winds, quite a change from the usual 20-30 knot winds we had been experiencing in the late afternoon most of the summer so that even this small Cal was not overpowered with full canvas as she headed for the gate.

This lovely dark-hulled sailboat was flying full canvas and sailing smoothly in the moderate winds with no heavy heeling involved.

This sailboarder was using a large sail as he blasted toward us.

Winds were more westerly than usual, and we couldn't fall off the wind without risking an accidental gybe so had to head up to pass well in front of this sailboarder approaching slowly in light wind on starboard tack, but then we stole what little wind he had and went down-- not a happy camper. Usually, the strong winds don't put us into situations like this one and the sailboarders are blasting around us at high speed.

As we sailed past the St.Francis YC, we spotted ADVENTURE CAT passing us to starboard on her return from the gate-- this is the original ADVENTURE CAT that was approaching the gate as we were heading back inside as was ADVENTURE CAT 2.

With the westerly wind, we decided to pull in the jib so that we could sail dead downwind and avoid having to gybe a couple of times on our trip to home port, and most of the city was now overcast with Telegraph Hill still enjoying brilliant sunshine and clear air.

As we approached home port, the city was mostly overcast with just a few patches of sunshine.

Pier 39 flags were fluttering in a breeze of about 15 knots as we sailed past.

We sailed into the lee of pier 35 to douse the main and prepare for landing and then motored into port after a great fun outing. We soon retured to the salon of ANTICIPATION for some wine and cheese and crackers to finish off an afternoon of pleasure.

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