Monday, September 15, 2008


We headed out around 2 pm to watch the third day of Rolex Big Boat Series racing on the bay, hoping for more sunshine and more moderate winds and got both.

As we headed out into the central bay with a single-reefed main only, we spotted the IRC boat Vincilore blasting downwind behind her big blue kite!

Pegasus here, one of the Melges fleet-- and as you can see, not really a 'big boat', but a fast racing sled-- was heading upwind toward the windward mark....

... as was this Melges boat from Italy.

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... and this competitor from Gt. Britain.

AKELA was also heading upwind with large crew on the rail, but not nearly as close to running us down and this photo suggests.

She passed astern of us, looking great!

She was followed by Samba Pa Ti, a TP 52, also a 'big boat' but one that looks small compared to ALEKA.

Kokopelli was blasting downwind at high speed and looking good!

This Big Boat was headed right at us... but at a distance as we were now heading back toward the cityfront.

Sometime later, we spotted Kokopelli heading back upwind and sailing beautifully....

... as was HOWL here and her companion, racing neck and neck.

TKO was also blasting upwind and looking good.

Not too much later, we spotted the J105 fleet heading downwind toward their leeward mark, like this boat...

... and these two, looking like twins.

WONDER was blasting downwind and looking good.

As was this J105 with the distictive design on her spinnaker.

SWOOSH was swooshing downwind with most of the fleet ahead of her.

Next we spotted this fleet heading upwind... the Beneteau one design fleet, I think-- perhaps the first time they have had enough boats to race 'one-design'.

The J105 Melilani was looking good as she blasted downwind, but so far behind the rest of the fleet, as usual!

We headed north, past Alcatraz, and watched as the 1D35 fleet blasted downwind toward their leeward mark-- Great Sensations and Diablita here.

JAZZ was looking good with a relaxed crew as she blasted downwind....

... as was ZSA ZSA, our neighbor boat, but both well behind the leaders.

Another fleet that included BLADE RUNNER was also heading downwind.

We continued northward to catch some shots of the J120 fleet blasting downwind under large spinnakers, like Mr Magoo here on port tack broad reach....

... and Grace Dances, the boat Michael is crewing on, leading the fleet and on her way to her first and only win in the series.

DAYENU and DESDEMONA were almost side by side as they flew downwind.

We hung around to the west of the leeward mark for the J120 fleet and waited for them to head back upwind and here is Grace Dances still in the lead.....

... followed by Mr Magoo....


This J120 has no name on the side, and is perhaps the J-World boat.

JOLLY MON was way off the pace but sailing beautifully.

Mr. Magoo and Grace Dances were going at each other as they were startign to pass Pt. Blount on the southeast side of Angel Island.

The 1D35 name JAZZ was looking good as she headed upwind toward her windward mark on the last upwind leg of the race.

We headed for home port and saw some other boats in other fleets blasting upwind, like this one sending up a blast of spray as the winds now were blowing close to 20 knots....

... and she was looking good as she passed astern of us.

As we sailed toward the lee of pier 35 to douse the main, we spotted three boats leaving the east marina-- unusually heavy traffic!

One of them was GO DOG GO heading out for a late afternoon sail.

We doused the main in the lee of pier 35 and readied for landing before motoring into the marina, filled with the pleasure of watching some great sailboat racing on our beautiful bay.

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