Friday, September 19, 2008


We headed out about 5 pm, raised single-reefed main, sailed out into the central bay, came about to head east down the cityfront against the ebb current, and pulled out the jib to full for maximum downwind power.

As we sailed along to the east, a small flock of pelicans flew past, low over the water.

The financial district and my favorite building-- the Pyramid--
were enjoying the clear air and late afternoon sunshine.

We had good winds all the way down the shore and the clock on the Ferry Building tower read just after 5:30 pm as we approached.

A lovely sloop named Peregrine passed to port, sailing main only and heading north.....

.. and laterl pulled out a small jib.

The marker buoy north of the Bravo tower of the bridge was leading heavily in the direction of the strong ebb current.

Fortunately, we had a good, though somewhat irregular breeze all the way to the Bay Bridge and sailed through the A-B span and then fell off to reef the jib down to a hankie size, and then headed up toward the city before tacking to the north and sailing back under the A-B span... the Bay Bridge looking vivid in the clear air and late sunshine.

We were heading north toward the lee side of Angel Island and watched as a quite-heavily-loaded container ship steamed out of the Port of Oakland and under the D-E span of the Bay Bridge, moving much faster than we were, so passing us before we reached the central bay.

We had strong winds most of the way across the central bay, as we sailed way to the east of Angel Island to stay out of the stronger current near the island and to stay in the stronger winds away from the island, and enjoyed the view of Mt. Tam towering over Angel Island and Tiburon as we sailed northward past the island.

The wind stayed steady and quite strong all the way past the island, and in the distant southeast we could clearly see the skyline of downtown Oakland. It's always refreshing to be out there in clear, fresh air and a good breeze.

As we sailed past Southhampton Shoal and the platform there, the wind was still quite strong and we then headed up toward the east mouth of Raccoon Straits.

We sailed toward the mouth of the straits, enjoying a view of the city in late sunshine, and then tacked toward the northeast point of Angel Island before tacking into the straits,

As we headed up the straits, this sailboat was sailing down the straits as the evening wore on....

... and soon we were treated to a rather brilliant sunset over Tiburon.

We pulled out the jib to full for more power as wind in the straits had softened, and a couple of tacks took us out of the straits and headed us down the west shore of Angel Island.

We had to motor for a short time to find some stronger breeze and then had good, though more moderate than usual breeze all the way across the cental bay as we enjoyed the view of the GGB and the marmalade sunset sky as a backdrop.

It was dark as we sailed between Alcatraz and the cityfront, with citylights brightening as the sky darkened-- magic time on the bay. We put on some fenders as we sailed along to ready for landing, doused the jib while sailing past the east marina, and then doused the main in the area between pier 35 and the eastern seawall of the marina before motoring in. A very pleasant evening sail indeed!


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