Sunday, September 21, 2008


I headed out around 8 am to rendezvous with Jule and Gilles at Ocean Beach to participate in the Annual Coastal Commision Coastal Cleanup Day, and spent a couple of hours picking up trash on the beach.

Afterwards, Jule and I headed toward her place when we spotted a large group of people on the beach and wandered over to satisfy our curiosity as to what they were doing and found them making some sand sculptures.

After viewing this scene for a few minutes, we walked over to the house where she is staying, near 40th and Balboa where Micahel eventually picked us up, after his beach run, and drove us back to pier 39. I fixed lunch for Jule and me and afterwards we headed out for a couple of hours of sailing, raising single-reefed main and putting out a small jib before heading out into the central bay.

Jule was enjoying taking care of the helm as we headed west on a moderate breeze, sailing against a flood current.

We sailed away from the city that was enjoying some hazy sunshine...

...eventually approaching the east shore of Alcatraz, then tacked to the south for a while before tacking to the west again, passing the buoy guarding the rocks on the southwest side of the island and eventually spotting PRIVATEER on her way back to home port with quite a number of passengers aboard.

We continued sailing westward in winds of varying velocities, topping out at about 22 knots, accoring to Micael's new toy, a handheld digital anemometer, and eventually arrived in some strong winds in 'hurricane gulch' where this J120 named Jamails was stuggling with too much canvas.

We continued on to near the mouth of Richardson Bay and then tacked to the south for a while until we passed Yellow Bluff and then we fell off to a broad reach to head for home port, eventually spotting this lovely Beneteau heaidng north and looking good!

We had good winds all the way on our course toward home port, fresheneing a bit as we passed Aquatic Park and giving some difficulty to this Beneteau heading our way on close reach with full canvas.

As we approached Pier 39, we spotted the Rocket Boat blasting along and sending up blasts of spray.

We sailed into the lee of pier 35 to dosue sails and then prepared for landing while motoring round the pier and into the marina.

Jule and I shared a little snack as we checked some websites for Golden Gate Transit and the local Marin busline to find route and shcedule information for the trip that Jule and her friend planned to take to Mt. Tam for hiking on Sunday. After that, we walked over North Beach Pizza for dinner. Another very fine and fun day!!!

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